Teepee Sunset Rawhide Lamp Shade

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Item # : FLS-LS-TAS-TL
Shade Size
NC Rustic - Made in USA
Weight: 1.50 lbs
Shipping Method: UPS Ground
Estimated Delivery: 3-5 Weeks
Country of Origin: USA
Note: Custom Made to Order
Teepee Sunset Rawhide Lamp Shade
Teepee Sunset Rawhide Lamp Shade
The Teepee Sunset Rawhide Lamp Shade by FosskinŽ features beautiful Native American imagery. This rustic sheepskin rawhide lamp shade features a hand painted image of a stately teepee at sunset with circling Bald Eagles. Our rawhide lamp shades attach to all standard screw-top lamp harps and provide soft, subtle, lighting which will enhance the relaxed rustic feel in your cabin or lodge getaway. All of our painted and plain rawhide lamp shades feature leather trim stitching at both the top and base.
Note: Our rawhide lamp shades are individually hand painted and may vary slightly.
All FosskinŽ lamp shades are handcrafted from the highest quality sheepskins available in America and they undergo a special tannery treatment making them much more durable than the standard rawhide shades. And unlike lower quality rawhide shades that split without the special tannery treatment, an occasional wipe with a damp cloth is all that is needed to preserve a FosskinŽ rawhide shade in like-new condition for a lifetime.
Available in Table & Floor Lamp Sizes
Lamp Shade Dimensions:
  • 16" Table Lamp Shade: 16" bot dia x 7" top dia x 10.5" h x 11" slant 
  • 20" Floor Lamp Shade: 20" bot dia x 8" top dia x 12" h x 13" slant


The Foss Lampshade Studios Inc. first introduced their sheepskin lamp shades in 1929, and over the years since then, they have graced the lamps of many fine luxurious homes and majestic rustic lodges. Today the FosskinŽ company is still making the same quality rawhide lamp shades in the same time-honored tradition, and still right here in the United States.
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